Bigg Boss 10: On screen father Karan Mehra rescues Rohan

Rohan Mehra (Naksh) and Karan Mehra (Naitik) who played father-son duo on screen had quit their show to be a part of the reality series. Seems just like his character, Karan is totally protective about his onscreen son Rohan in real life too. We had reported on October 19, 2016 about a showdown between Rohan and Bigg Boss inmate Priyanka Jagga . However, the matter didn’t end here as Priyanka once again picked a fight with Rohan. She instantly decides to punish him again and locks him in the jail.

Rohan feels victimized and after being released from the jail, shuts himself up in the washroom. He cries his heart out. Priyanka even threatens him that she will reveal secrets about his family to all. Karan then decides to come to Rohan’s rescue and discusses the issue to other housemates Rahul Dev and Gaurav Chopra .

He tells them that Rohan is still a kid and they need to protect him. Meanwhile, Rohan will be in the washroom, shedding tears and Karan will console him. Karan makes him understand that everything will be fine.