Bigg Boss 10: Navin defeats Lokesh in the immunity task

Day 11 in the Bigg Boss house will see two Indiawale contestants being pitted against each other for immunity.

As viewers know, Indiawale won the luxury budget task and became the Maaliks of the house. Bigg Boss will give them a special privilege wherein they can elect two strong contenders who contributed maximum to the task for immunity.

Bigg Boss will allot a set of blocks (dominos) to each housemate and both Navin and Lokesh will have to impress them and collect the set of blocks from them to create a straight line.

The one with maximum number of dominos standing in a straight line will be declared as the winner of the task.

Lokesh will try to impress celebrities and other Indiawale by preparing food for them and entertaining them thus winning most of the votes in her favour.
When Navin will realize that Lokesh is ahead of him and winning the task, he will engage her in a conversation and destroy her blocks.

As Lokesh would see her blocks, tumbling and falling on the ground, she will get furious and lash out at Navin for sabotaging her task.

It will lead to a major fight between them when Lokesh will call him names and also break down as Navin would tell her that it is just a task and he is playing a game.

And finally Navin will win the task!

Are you happy for Navin’s win? Or do you feel Lokesh deserved to win?