Bigg Boss 10: Manu starts flirting with Mona Lisa

No Bigg Boss season is complete without romance and the latest contestants who are making news for their budding relationship are contestants, Manoj Punjabi and Mona Lisa aka Antara Biswas. As seen in last night’s episode, housemates Gaurav Chopra and Karan Mehra hints at the possibility of a friendship between Manu and Mona. Now, taking his feelings to the next level, Manu has started flirting with Mona.

In tonight’s episode, Manu asks Mona what do Kolkata girls like. While Mona starts blushing Navin says that Kolkata girls do not like guys who have their mother’s name tattooed instead of theirs. Manu quickly responds to this saying, that he can always make another tattoo with her name on his other hand. When Navin teases Manu further he tells him, ‘na tu apna ghar basne dega na dusro ka’.

Navin and Swamiji pull Manu’s leg by saying that Mona doesn’t like him and he should stop trying. Mona, on the other hand, out of embarrassment avoids the conversation.