Bigg Boss 10: Manoj and Rohan gets into a heated argument in the house

Three days in the show, the Bigg Boss house is undergoing a lot of temperamental changes.
The Colors and Endemol show will see some new twists tonight. Read for more…
Following the ‘Raaz’ task, insecurities amongst the Indiawale contestants are all time high and it is becoming the prime reason of all problems and disputes.
In the morning, after Bigg Boss gives the celebrities the next riddle to solve and find out a new secret, the celebrities are seen looking for opportunities to discuss and solve the riddle.
On the breakfast table, just when Rohan Mehra is about to have his food sitting next to Karan Mehra, Pooja Jagga interrupts him and asks him to move aside and sit next to her.
While Rohan agrees to do so, in the spur of excitement, he tells them that keeping him away from the celebs is a futile exercise as he knows the answer to the riddle. To this, Manoj tells Rohan, ‘tu kuch nahi kar sakta’ which further irks Rohan and he says that he is capable of doing anything.

The matter soon escalates and transforms into a fight and yelling match between Rohan and Manoj.
While everyone tries to calm them down, Rohan continues to instigate Manoj and he continues to get back at him.
In the midst of all this, Swamiji gives his piece of mind to Rohan after which he flips out, yells at Swamiji and asks him to leave him alone.
Owww! Too much drama!
Catch all the fun in tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss.