Bigg Boss 10: Karan Mehra gets emotional on Karvachauth

TV actor Karan Mehra , who is in the Bigg Boss 10 house, also observed karvachauth fast for his wife Nisha Rawal. Very few people in the Bigg Boss house were aware that he has been fasting for Karvachauth.

Later in the night, Bigg Boss calls Priyanka Jagga and Karan Mehra in the confession room and asks them if they are fasting. While Priyanka denies and says that she will only do Karvachauth pooja, Karan reveals that he has been fasting since morning and waiting for the moon to show up after which he will break the fast.

Bigg Boss hands over an envelope to Karan and Priyanka and tells them that it has a surprise for them. When Karan opens the envelope, he finds his wife Nisha’s picture and gets emotional after seeing it.
As tears trickle down his cheeks, he says how much he is missing Nisha on this special day. Bigg Boss also gives them a box of sweets and asks them to break their fast. Karan looks into the camera and remembers Nisha as he takes a bite of the sweet.