Bigg Boss 10: Kanchi sends ‘special’ Diwali gifts for Rohan

Last night, Bigg Boss 10 viewers got a sneak peek of the Diwali festivities in the house.

The Colors and Endemol series will see the housemates celebrating the festival with full joy.

Now, secret sources in the house have shared a beautiful input with us.
With housemates getting gifts for Diwali, Rohan Mehra was in for a surprise when his girlfriend Kanchi Singh sent him a beautiful surprise.

Kanchi sent him a letter with LED lights which had messages from his family who shared how much they are missing him. They also shared how proud they are to see him perform so well in the pressure.
Awww…that’s sweet, isn’t it?

This is not all. Kanchi also shared a message on how she misses him terribly but enjoys watching his mind blowing performance. She also advised him to keep calm and stay strong.

Rohan will also get some clothes from his family and Kanchi.
Although away from home but this Diwali will surely be special for Rohan!

Happy Diwali guys!!!