Bigg Boss 10: Find out what’s in the Rule Book of Bigg Boss 10

Bigg Boss season 10 rolled out with much fanfare last night (Colors and Endemol India). Host Salman Khan wowed audience with his charm and charisma and the eclectic mix of common man with celebrities as contestants made for an interesting dekko.
A preview of tonight’s episode sent glimpses of what’s in store for the future. Indiawale (commoners) will be the maliks (rules) of the house whereas the celebs will be the sevaks (servants).

So what will unfold next?
Here is an exclusive sneak peek:

At the very start of the day, Bigg Boss will ask everyone to gather in the living area and introduce them to a new rule book. As per the rule book, the celebrities have to act like sevaks to the commoners and oblige all their requests. Commoners would be required to ring a bell kept next to the rule book and give their orders. The celebrities have to do all the household work and keep the maliks entertained at all times. The celebrities can eat, sleep and use the bathroom only after the commoners have done so.