Bigg Boss 10 Episode 3: Priyanka Jagga punishes Rohan Mehra

Priyanka Jagga seems to be going all guns inside the house and is determined to become the hitler of the Bigg Boss 10 house. She spares no one and has been targeting some of the other celebrities aka sevaks to get her work done. And looks like Day 3 belongs to Yeh Rishta actor Rohan Mehra .
The young lad, who picked up a fight with Mannu on day 3, was at the receiving end this time.

It so happens that Rohan by mistake spills water on Priyanka. She loses her cool instantly and asks Rohan to apologize. When Rohan refuses to apologize, she decides to punish him and asks him to wash her clothes.
She takes him to the washroom area and hands over a heap of clothes to wash. Priyanka also tells Rohan that he thinks too high of himself and that he might be a star or hero but in reality he is a zero.