Bigg Boss 10: Day 8 Synopsis

After Priyanka Jagga’s shocking exit from the house, Indiawale’s every discussion has become a point of contention. The housemates wake up dancing to the tunes of the song ‘Yaad Aa Raha Hain’ marking the dawn of a new day. They are surprised to find Jagga’s huge cutout placed in the garden area which further sparks several conversations. Indiawale end up breaking the primary rule of the Bigg Boss house by discussing nominations amongst each other. Bigg Boss is quick enough to point out their mistake and as a punishment, he makes Indiawale the new Sevaks while the celebrities are crowned as the Maliks of the house.
Bigg Boss’s decision robs Indiawale of happiness as they take up the responsibilities of Sevaks and divide tasks amongst themselves. While they are seated in the dining are having lunch, Swamiji sits beside them and keeps barging in their conversations. While at first, they do not pay much attention to him, his continuous blabber irks Rahul and he asks him to leave. Swamiji finds celebrities’ behavior extremely rude and unrequired and he goes complaining about it to his team members.
Soon after, another argument erupts between Manu and Lokesh after he asks her to make tea for him. Lokesh asks Akansha for help but it does not go down well with Manu. He tells Akansha that he specifically asked Lokesh to make tea for him and she should have told him upfront that she will not be able to do it rather than delegating it to someone else. In her defense, Lokesh says that she asked for Akansha’s help because she wanted to have a bath before she could take up any kitchen responsibility.
While having a discussion with his fellow celebrity contestants, Karan expresses his concern over Mona and Manu’s growing closeness. He tells Mona that Manu is trying to get close to her while having a conversation and she needs to maintain a distance. Mona later confronts Manu and tells him what the celebrities feel about their friendship. Manu advises her to take decisions for hers own self and not to get manipulated by anyone.
Furthermore, Swamiji is seen breaking into tears after he misses Priyanka. Lopa tells everyone that Swamiji’s tears are just ‘magarmach ke aasun’ and he is crying for everyone’s attention. Nitibha, Akansha, Manu and Manveer have a difference of opinion over the household chores in the garden area. Later in the day, Bigg Boss announces nominations adding a new twist to it. In an open nomination, celebrities and Indiawale are required to nominate two members of the opposite team by smearing foam on their face. Also , they have to support their nomination with a suitable justification. After the nominations, a fight breaks between Manveer and Swamiji where he blames him for not standing up for the team and as a result, strong members of their team are getting nominated. He also adds that Swamiji is acting double faced and also backstabbing his own team members. Later in the day, Swamiji once again becomes a topic of dispute after he has a heated argument with Navin on the dining table.
With tempers soaring and competition getting tougher in the Bigg Boss house, will the celebrities be able to sustain their Malik status or will Indiawale snatch it away from them?