Bigg Boss 10: Day 1 brought a new twist for the celebrity as well as commoners

Bigg Boss is known for introducing interesting twists and turns in the house and this year is no exception. Day 1 brought a new twist for the celebrity as well as commoners. We all know nominations is one of the toughest things that the contestants has to go in the house. But it is also one of the most integral part of the Bigg Boss house that decides the fate of the contestants.

On day one, the contestants are in their best form and are trying to know each other well. Just then, Bigg Boss announces the process of nominations and adds a new twist to it . According to the rule, Indiawale aka commoners can only nominate the celebrities and vice versa.
The commoners are called inside the confession room one after the other and are asked to nominate two celebrities. On the other hand, since the celebrities are less in number, they are asked to unanimously decide on two names from the group of commoners who they wish to nominate this week.

This new twist will definitely increase the difficulty level for contestants. It will be