Bigg Boss 10 : Bani J and Priyanka Jagga gets into a fight

The common man contestant Priyanka Jagga has been leaving no stones unturned to establish her position inside the house. In just two days, she is being at her cunning best and targeting Bani for everything. As already seen, on day 1, she had an argument with Bani after she questioned her about Bani’s age. Even on day 2, Priyanka was seen giving a piece of mind to Bani.

It so happens, Priyanka asks Monalisa to hand over a Appy Fizz to her but she ignores her order. After several requests, Priyanka loses her mind and complains about Mona to Bani. Bani tells her that it is basic courtesy and she should say please before placing any order. Priyanka gives her back by saying that according to the rule book, she is not required to ask anything with courtesy and she will demand whatever she wants because she is a sevak.
Lopa jumps in the conversation and tells Priyanka that she was rude, listening to which Priyanka breaks down. She also adds that Priyanka is being unrealistic and she needs help.

Well, looks like Priyanka is not going to miss any chance to be in the limelight.