Bigg Boss 10: Arguments between Rohan and Indiawale turns into a massive fight over luxury budget task

The second day of luxury budget task in the Bigg Boss 10 house seems to have turned into a battleground. With both the teams giving their best to win the task, fights and disputes are at its peak. After the siren for the next batch of clothes goes on, both the teams run over each other to secure maximum amount of clothes.

Amidst all this, Swamiji accidently drops a shirt which Lopa picks up and stakes a claim on it. Swamiji screams that Lopa is cheating and snatching away clothes from him and this angers Manu and Manveer.

Furthermore, Rohan complains that Manu is being unfair and charging towards him while performing the task. Manu and Manveer get irritated with Rohan’s comments after which he starts instigating them by dancing in front of them.
Soon after, Navin loses his cool and asks Rohan to behave properly otherwise he will not spare him in any way. Rohan continues to instigate them and the arguments turns into a massive fight.