Bigg Boss 10: All hell breaks loose during luxury budget task

After a grueling day, the contestants wake up to the song ‘Yahan Ke Hum Sikander’ all geared up for the next phase of the luxury budget task. The day does not begin on a happy note for the celebrities as the Sevaks do not follow their instructs and make breakfast according to their own wish. Rohan questions Lokesh on not following their orders to which Navin replies that he is the only person making the breakfast and he won’t be able to serve a customized breakfast. Rohan further tells them that they had discussed the breakfast menu in advance and they cannot back out last minute. When the other celebrities get to know about this, they decide to put the Sevaks in jail if they failt to obey their orders going forward.

Soon after, Bani and Nitibha have an argument after she refuses to make coffee for her. Bani tells Nitibha that the Sevaks are not following her orders and that she needs a cup of coffee before the task begins. Akansha jumps in the conversation and tells her that she would need to wait for some time as she will get it after they have their breakfast. When Bani continues to whine over the coffee, Nitibha tells her to be a little patient. She later goes into the kitchen and cribs about Bani’s behavior to her fellow housemates.

Later in the day, the second leg of the luxury budget task is announced where the both the teams have to wash, clean and iron next batch of clothes. The team completing the consignment with the maximum amount of clothes will be declared as the winner. Bigg Boss also asks quality inspectors Rohan and Nitibha to return the previous batch of clothes before they start washing the new ones. Akansha takes advantage of this opportunity and hides some of the clothes behind the pillar and underneath her boiler suit. As the clothes start coming in through the conveyor belt, the house turns into a battleground as both the teams run over each other to secure the maximum amount of clothes. While doing the task Swamiji accidently drops a shirt which Bani picks up. Manu and Manveer notice this and then begin snatching it from her. In the interim, Manu and Rohan have a scuffle because of which Rohan gets irritated. He goes complaining about Manu to Bigg Boss and says that Manu misbehaved with him and it is unfair. Manu and Manveer do not appreciate Rohan’s attitude and starts screaming and calling Rohan names. But this doesn’t stop Rohan from instigates them further and it results in a massive fight between them.

Mona notices Akansha stealing two set of clothes from their box and informs Gaurav about it. He questions her for not telling him about this earlier to which she says that she did inform Bani and Karan but they ignored her. One thing leads to another and an argument takes place between the celebrities due to a small misunderstanding. Later in the day, Bigg Boss asks both the teams to get their final consignments checked from the respective quality inspectors and keep it ready for submission. Rohan decides to play a game and delays his inspection process for Indiawale’s team and even rejects stainless clothes. When Rohan continues to do it even after Nitibha requests him to complete the task quickly, Navin gets agitated and spills water on celebrities’ final consignment. All hell breaks loose and the celebrities get furious with Navin for sabotaging their task and Bani decides to counter attack and spills water on their clothes.

As they say, all is fair in love and war it remains to be seen that which team will finally win the task and become the Maliks of the house.