BB 10 : Indiawale wins laundry task; Nitibha and Bani gets into altercatio

Bigg Boss season 10 is spicing up. And here are some exclusive updates from what viewers can expect in tonight’s episode.

Currently, the laundry task is on and after a lot of mash-up, finally the Indiawaale will win it.

As per the task, Indiawaale will manage to send 35 clothes to Bigg Boss, and the celebs will miss the mark by one point.
Comman man Navin will act cunning and put water on the ‘ready to be sent’ clothes of the celebs, thus marring their effort.

Smart move…professor saab!!!

In another development. Nitibha (Indiawaale) and Bani (celeb) will get into a altercation and Nitibha will call Bani ‘idiot’, enraging the reality show star.

The house has a jacuzzi and to spice up drama, sexy ladies Nitibha and Akanksha (both Indiawaale) will enter the jacuzzi and enjoy the moment.
Too much happening and it’s super fun this time.

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