Antara ‘Monalisa’ Biswas: I will never let anyone bully me or put me down

She is bold, she is hot and she is one of the most sought after actresses in Bhojpuri industry. We are talking about Antara Biswas popularly known as Monalisa who entered the Bigg Boss (Colors and Endemol) house this Sunday.
But before she did that, the beauty from Kolkata got talking to us about her excitement and eagerness to participate in the show.
“I haven’t really followed the season but I am really excited to participate in the show. I am confident that I will be the entertainer in the house. I am a fun loving person and try to keep people around me happy also,” quipped the girl.
Monalisa, talking about the format of the show said, “I am not a person who has any starry tantrums and thus would have no qualms in mixing with common man. I am someone who loves my fans and would thus have a gala time connecting with these people and taking feedback.”
Sharing that she did not take any tips from her predecessor Ravi Kissen, Manoj Prabhakar and Nirauha, the actress said, “I really wanted my participation as a surprise so I did not speak to anyone. I also feel I will do well in the show for I am someone who loves taking challenge and winning them all.”
Finally stating that she will never take things underlying, Monalisa said, “I am a muphat person and do not accept any injustice happening around. I am a sweet person but a strong one. I will never let anyone bully me or put me down.”
She does sound interesting, isn’t it?