Anika to unravel the ‘MYSTERY MAN’ in Ishqbaaaz!

Star Plus’ Ishqbaaaz is becoming more interesting day by day. For the past few weeks, the show revolved around Tia and her evil plans. Tia had caused a lot of problems to Anika and Anika had taken up the task of exposing her truth. Anika was being assisted by Omkara and Rudra. Tia even tried to kill Anika but failed and now finally, Tia has the proof she needs to expose Tia!

Anika Co-incidentally watches Tia with a man. And this man is none other than Inspector Ranveer. Ranveer is the same officer who is handling Shivaay and Gayatri’s case. Anika understands the whole drama and finally lets it all out in front of Shivaay and the Oberoi family at the wedding ceremony! Shivaay finally believes her and tells Tia to get away from the family forever. Shivaay is thankful to Tia once again for saving him and his family. Anika has helped them like her own family innumerable times and Shivaay, Will you propose her already?!

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