Amit Tandon gets romantic in Dil Deke Dekho

We have seen many romantic movies and TV shows, but SAB TV’s upcoming rom-com Dil Deke Dekho will narrate the unique love stories of three different generations.
The show features Amit Tandon (Kamal), Preet Kaur (Simran), Kanwaljit Singh (Hridayanath), Navneet Nishan (Tulsi), Abhishek Bajaj (Rahul) and Anju Jadhav (Preet) in prominent roles. got chatty with Amit Tandon to get to know his romantic side better… He shared, “My character Kamal is a typical Punjabi Delhite, who is in love with his childhood friend Simran. After many years of being away from Delhi, Simran has returned. Naturally, Kamal is leaving no stone unturned to impress her. He cooks, sings, dances, and does everything, which he believes to be cool. However, those around him find it weird.”
When asked if he’s a romantic in life, he replied, “I am not a romantic in real life. I might learn from my character and try to be romantic in real life too!”
While talking about making-up with an upset partner, he shared, “Well, I believe that women are always right. Say sorry and the battle is over. I have three lovely women in my life- my mother, wife and a daughter and I know how to keep them happy.”
We also took this opportunity to find out if he had a favourite love story. “For me, love is an emotion. I am very practical and don’t really look up to any kind of love story,” he stated.
We made the actor share important rules for a blissfully happy married life, “Be honest and don’t take things for granted.”
Lastly, we asked him to share three reasons to watch Dil Deke Dekho, he replied, “Watch it as it’s well-written, the chemistry between the couples is endearing, and all three love stories are entertaining.”
Dil Deke Dekho premieres on SAB TV on October 18 at 10.30pm.