Sangram Singh turns motivational speaker

Sangram Singh, who was chosen as the brand ambassador of the Wrestling Federation of India for a year, has now been appointed its motivational speaker. So, these days, the wrestler and former Bigg Boss contestant is busy giving motivational speeches to the wrestlers, who will represent India at the Commonwealth Games.

Sangram, who had suffered from arthritis (a paralytic condition) and was wheelchair-bound for eight years, got back on his feet with sheer persistence and positive attitude.

Says he, “There was a time when I was not able to speak properly because of my medical condition. But I managed to fight against all those odds. It’s just about having a positive attitude. I share my experience with these wrestlers. I tell them that you become what you think.”

Sangram also has plans to set up a wrestling league. “I will start with training 20 boys and taking care of their education and food. If they are the sole breadwinners of their families, I plan to take care of their families as well,” he says.