Mahabharat on verse of WAR

Swastik Productions’s epic series Mahabharat which airs on Star Plus is riding high with its war sequence in the show. With the fascinating track the viewers are taking keen interest to watch the biggest war sequence ever in the history of mythology.
In the latest episode the viewers have seen that Pandavas become dejected by Uttar’s death. They decide to take revenge for the same. Yudhishtir (Rohit Bharadwaj) decides to capture Duryodhan (Arpit Ranka) on the next day. Meanwhile, the Kuru army celebrates the victory of the first day. Shalya, uncle of Nakula (Vin Rana) and Sahadeva (Lavanya Bhardwaj) feels guilty for being responsible for Uttar’s death. Bhishma (Arav Choudhary) informs Duryodhan that the Pandavas will rise stronger. Dhrishtadyumna (Karan Suchak) informs the Pandavas that their army has suffered a loss of an akshauhini. And that time Krishna (Saurabh Raaj Jain) informs pandavas that it is impossible to win against Kauravas till Bhishma is alive. Arjuna (Shaheer Sheikh) then decides to face Bhishma, the next day.
According to the sources, “In the upcoming episodes Shikandi (Shikha Singh) who has taken birth for a motive to kill Bhishma is restricted to enter Kurukshetra as females are not allowed there while she will be performing pooja from which she gets vardan to change her gender for one day. Kauravas will come to know about Shikandi changing her gender and joining the yudh which will create a big pressure among Kauravas. Duryodhan tries to stop Bhishma to join Kurukshetra but he says he cannot run from his duty and so he will be present in the war.
Adding further our sources say, “Then Shakuni (Praneet Bhatt) plots a plan to save Bhishma from Pandavas as Bhishma won’t lift a sword in front of Shikandi as he knows that she is a girl and it will be against his principles so Dushasana (Nirbhay Wadhwa) will stand against Shikandi and stop her coming to appear in front of Bhishma whereas Dhrishtadyumna will be seen fighting against Ashwatthama.”
While as the epic follows we will get to see that through Arjun’s arrow Bhishma is injured as he will not lift his sword seeing Shikandi in front of him.
So it will be interesting to see such an interesting sequence in the mythological show Mahabharat.